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Our pet sitting services are sure to meet your needs. Pet sitting is offered within twenty miles round trip of Bath, Maine. Pet sitting is available for dogs, cats, farm animals and exotics. Per insurance all dogs must be leash trained. 

  • For one 1/2 hour visit the charge is $15 for up to 2 dogs and $15 for up to 5 cats, an additional visit is $15 and a third is $10. 

  • Medications administered are $5 per pet per day.

  • Trips to a park are an added charge of $10 per visit. 

  • During the half hour visit dogs will be fed, given fresh water, treats, taken for a walk, and have playtime.

  • Cats will be given TLC, have litter boxes scooped, be fed, and given fresh water.

  • All animals will be cleaned up after.

  • We are available for overnight stays at a charge of $55 which includes visits. Additional charges may be applied for multiple animals. 

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of overnight jobs is $50.  

  • Other miscellaneous services include mail/newspaper retrieval and watering of plants. You will have the ability to call to check up on your pets. At the end of the service a checkup call is done to make sure the owner has returned.

  • For an extra charge of $10 we can take your pet to a veterinary or grooming appointment.

  • An extra charge of $10 will be added for all holidays ie Easter, Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

  • Booking in advance is strongly recommended especially around the holidays. We need two weeks notice of overnight jobs. 

  • Jobs over $100 require a 50% deposit.

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