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From now on we need two weeks notice of overnight jobs and cancellation within 24 hours of overnight jobs  is $50. Per insurance all dogs must be leash trained! Owner and employees of AJ pet sitting have been fully vaccinated against Covid. The owners child is also fully vaccinated and accompanies the owner to overnight jobs and sometimes visits.  The owner is booked and not available for overnights 1/5-1/8 1/11-1/16 1/20-1/29 2/2-2/11 2/14-2/22 3/2-3/17 6/10-6/18 6/19-6/29 7/19-7/30 9/21-10/2. The owner will be on vacation July 8 through the 16th. Other employees may be available during these times so please contact ASAP.

Availability : Availability
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